Coffee and Waterfalls

 Duration: 10 hours

Transportation lunch, entry fees and guided tour included.

8:00 am daily
all year

** Terms and Conditions: 2-person minimum (check availability).

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Lovers of coffee and nature will enjoy a full day of culture, nature and fun.

What you’ll see and do:

  • Visit our nursery to see how coffee is grown.
  • Stroll through our sustainable coffee farm.
  • Follow your nose to our coffee-roasting plant.
  • Experience a professional coffee-tasting session, known as “cupping.”
  • Learn about the history and culture of coffee in Costa Rica.
  • Sample our gourmet chocolates and coffees and take advantage of incredible factory prices.
  • Walk on beautiful trails.
  • Photograph and marvel at the country’s most-loved waterfalls.
  • Visit the aviary, butterfly farm, snake exhibit and hummingbird gallery.


Enjoy the first part of this exciting day on the country’s original CoffeeTour. Our coffee experts will lead the way tracing the “footsteps” or our “grain of gold,” from plantation to cup. Learn what makes a coffee truly gourmet. Discover how Costa Rica’s distinctive “micro climates” and fertile soils create conditions ideal for growing the finest gourmet coffees.

After the tour, sample delicious chocolates, sweets, nuts and our great variety of gourmet coffees at our on-site factory store. Don’t forget to take home a souvenir or creative craft unique to Costa Rica.

We’ll then head to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens for a delicious lunch in a beautiful, natural setting. Here, you’ll marvel at some of Costa Rica’s most-loved waterfalls, stroll along beautiful nature trails and visit an aviary, butterfly farm, snake exhibit and hummingbird gallery. And more!