Coffee and Wildlife

 Duration: 6 hours

Transportation available

Available every day,
except for Sundays.

** Terms and Conditions: 2-person minimum (check availability).









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Lovers of coffee and the protection of wildlife will enjoy a half-day of Costa Rican Wildlife and Culture!

On this tour you will:

  • Spend the morning at The Toucan Rescue Ranch, a Costa Rican licensed Wildlife Refuge Center.
  • Enjoy lunch at Britt Coffee Tour and of course, the coffee beverage of your dreams!
  • Learn Costa Rican gourmet coffee history and culture while visiting our sustainable gourmet coffee plantation and nursery.
  • Enjoy the experience of tasting all of our coffee blends and chocolates!
  • Discover our wide variety of gourmet products, available to you at factory prices.





Enjoy the first part of this tour at The Toucan Rescue Ranch, a Costa Rican licensed Wildlife Refuge Center. This tour is rich with the individual stories of rescued wildlife including a large variety of parrots, macaws, owls, sloths, spider monkeys and more! The tour teaches the public about the importance of conservation, facts about rainforest wildlife and what it means to run a wildlife rescue center.

The journey continues at Britt Coffee Tour. Once at Britt you will enjoy a delicious buffet lunch prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Dine out of doors, amid the delightful music and tropical freshness of our Don Próspero Restaurant. And pop into our coffee bar to order the beverage of your dreams

After lunch you will meet our coffee experts who will guide you through each of the steps required to produce and process our “golden bean,” from plantation to cup. You’ll learn what makes a coffee truly gourmet and discover how Costa Rica’s unique micro climates and fertile soils combine to create conditions ideal for growing gourmet beans. You will have the opportunity to taste our top blends along the way!

Conclude your tour with a visit to our factory store to sample exquisite chocolates, sweets, nuts and our great variety of gourmet coffees. You’ll find the perfect Costa Rican souvenir or unique craft item.

An unforgettable day of discovery. Experience both the amazing wildlife and our efforts to protect it, and the fascinating secrets of our most important agricultural product – coffee!