Factory Store & Coffee Bar

Coffee Tour guests, all tourists and locals are welcome at our factory store and coffee bar!

  • Hours:             Daily from 8am – 5pm
  • Location:         At our sustainable plantation in Barva de Heredia.  View Map.
  • Delivery:          Our factory-priced gourmet coffee & souvenirs can be shipped directly to your home anywhere in the world!

Café Britt’s factory store and coffee bar are located at our sustainable plantation and are surrounded by colorful, lush gardens.  As you stroll through our tropical paradise, enjoy traditional music and our exhibit of Costa Rican art and culture.

Factory Store

The shop at our plantation roastery offers the best deals in the universe on Café Britt coffee, chocolates and other treats. You will also find an exclusive selection of local crafts, books, cd/dvds, and souvenirs for all ages. We pack and ship worldwide so you can send gifts to your loved ones and yourself.

Coffee Bar

Enjoy a most rewarding experience of sipping the coffee beverage of your dreams made by our expert baristas at our coffee bar. You’ll find we are not only masters at growing, selecting and roasting the finest beans but also at brewing them! Sit outside and fill your senses with the smell and taste of an exquisite coffee drink, the sound of lovely Costa Rican music and the feel of the fresh Barva Volcano breeze.