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Britt's CoffeeTour has educated and entertained more than a million visitors since 1991. Enjoy a half-day tour through our working gourmet coffee plantation and roastery and fullfill your Costa Rican coffee experience!

Our expertise goes into that delicious beverage you enjoy every morning. We’ll show you how we do it! Learn more...

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Costa Rica coffee and adventure Costa Rica coffee and nature tour

Lovers of coffee and adventure will enjoy a half-day of fun, excitement and thrills

A more in-depth experience for true Coffee Lovers. This extension of our classic CoffeeTour includes expert advice on preparing the perfect coffee-based beverages.

Classic Tour Coffee Nature tour
Costa Rica coffee tour classic Costa Rica Coffee and Waterfalls

Take an enjoyable journey
through the world of gourmet coffee
on this must-see Costa Rica tour

Lovers of coffee and nature will enjoy a full day of culture, nature and fun.

Classic Tour Costa Rica Coffee and Waterfalls
Coffee and Wildlife Tour

Lovers of coffee and the protection of wildlife will enjoy a half-day of Costa Rican Wildlife and Culture!

Coffee and Wildlife Tour

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